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Martijn C. Schut

Professor of Translational AI in Laboratory Medicine

Prof. Schut is a Full Professor of Translational AI in Laboratory Medicine at Amsterdam UMC and VU Amsterdam. He received his training in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science in the Netherlands and United Kingdom. Prof. Schut's research interests are the development and implementation of medical AI models, with a focus on methodological approaches to bring theory into practice: from bytes to bedside. His research is always triangular containing components of care, data and technology. Therefore, conducted studies are in close collaboration with colleagues in the clinical laboratory, and the various medical specialties including (but not limited to) oncology, cardiology, geriatrics, pediatrics, nephrology as well as different hospital facilities such as emergency and intensive care. Prof. Schut developed university and industry courses on big data and health data science, data science in medicine, AI and collective intelligence, and personalized medicine.

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