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Suthesh Sivapalaratnam

Consultant Haematologist, Honorary Senior Lecturer

Dr Suthesh Sivapalaratnam, MD PhD MRCP (London) FRCPath, studied Medicine at the University of Amsterdam. He was awarded a PhD fellowship by the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam and did his research between the University of Cambridge (Supervisor: Prof. W. H. Ouwehand) and the University of Amsterdam (Supervisor: Prof. M. Levi). In 2012 he defended his thesis on “The Molecular Basis of Early-onset Cardiovascular Disease”. He received his core medical training at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam. During this period, he also completed a 12-month stint as a Post-doctoral Fellow at the Center for Human  Genetic Research at the Massachusetts General Hospital Boston and the Broad Institute,  Boston (USA). In 2015 he rejoined the Ouwehand Group, where he continued his research and focused on the genetic basis of rare inherited Bleeding and Platelet  Disorders. In 2015 he secured one of the highly prestigious TRTH fellowships of the  American Society of Haematology/European Haematology Association. 

His current clinical practice spans paediatric and adult Haemostasis and Thrombosis (HT). He works at one of the largest haemophilia practices in the world, which encompasses 1800 patients with rare bleeding disorders. He leads the paediatric HT service, is the genomics lead and MDT chair for North London and interim academic lead for clinical haematology.

He is the Chief Medical Officer and part of the day-to-day management team of BloodCounts! which was awarded £1 million by the Trinity Challenge. He has been an active participant in several consortia, including Bloodomics, Cardiogenics and the Bleeding,  and the Platelet Disorder Cohort for the NIHR. He is currently a PI on 4 clinical trials in Haemophilia, Thrombosis and sub-PI for Gene Therapy for Haemophilia and Gene editing in Sickle Cell. He is the co-supervisor for 4 PhD students and also supervises one clinical fellow in young thrombosis research. He co-leads the HaemAI group which spans 6 team members. His leadership and collaborative skills are further demonstrated in his clinical roles, the 70+ peer-reviewed papers he has published, Google Scholar h-index 30, and numerous committees including the organising committee for the ISTH 2022 (attendees ~ 4500) conference.

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